For less than the cost of hiring a recruiting agency, TrainHire helps you generate high quality candidates through a hiring process that’s been tested and approved

Get the story right

Can you imagine people lining up to want to become part of your company? The magic is in how you present yourself to them. Tell your company’s story in a way that captivates job seekers and makes them want to become a part of your team.

Automate the agony away

Tired of endless emails and calls with candidates? We are too. Which is why we’ll give you the tools to attract, review, and communicate with candidates through an efficient automated process.

Onboarding bliss

Once you pick the best candidates for the job and you’ve decided to hire, take your new employees through a thoughtful automated onboarding process that makes them feel welcomed, but still saves you tons of time.

It’s important to stay
focused on the future

Build a pipeline of talent ready to make the jump by creating an entire recruitment ecosystem