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About Us.

Hiring seems like a tough and ambiguous process. Where to even begin?

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. TrainHire is here to help. We combine the best of both worlds: automation and storytelling, to create efficient processes for both your hiring and training needs.

More than 10 Years of Experience.

We aren’t your typical recruitment agency. Not just because of what we do, but also because of who we are. We are a team of creatives, marketers, developers,  educators, and culture leaders all working together with one singular focus: to create incredible teams that last. While we know the importance of starting at the beginning, every one of us is always keeping the end goal in mind. Recruitment and training can sometimes be bewildering to business owners who have to manage so many other aspects of their organization. It’s impossible to know it all. That’s why we have a fully customizable approach that is focused on working together to ensure our clients reach their full potential. Every time. Everyday.